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Airbnb Residential Lettings - Interior Design Tips and Ideas

Are you considering letting your property on Airbnb? With this type of affordable travel becoming increasingly popular, you need to ensure your property stands out from your competitors with an aesthetically pleasing yet versatile design.

Whether it is a city apartment, rural cottage or townhouse, updating your interiors will help you market your property to the right people, at the right price. We have prepared a few questions that will provide an insight into where you could potentially make changes, identify design strengths and work on the weaknesses. 

airbnb interior design tips ideas


Does your property offer the illusion of space regardless of its size?
Do you have enough storage for the number of beds?
Where will guests store their luggage? 
If you are attracting families, is there a portable cot available and does it fit in the master bedroom? 
Have you considered sofa beds and folding tables? 
Are you using lighter colours in small spaces? 


Have you cleared away personal possessions and family photos?
Is your property open plan? Do you have room dividers as options for guests to use?
A well-stocked kitchen with utensils and crockery is essential but do you have enough cupboard space?
Have you considered a sideboard to store crockery or an island for cooking preparation?


Could you incorporate the local area into the design through materials and texture?
Would your interiors attract a wide audience from families to couples and groups of friends?
If you are letting the property out in cooler months, is there a cosy fire?
Do you have wipeable surfaces and hardwearing furniture? 
Do you have a guest book for feedback? 
What is your unique selling point? Do you have incredible views? Have you positioned furniture to take in the views?
Consider the experience of your guests from the moment they arrive, will they feel comfortable, happy and welcome? 

We hope you have found these questions useful. If you are looking for an interior design company to refurbish or design your Airbnb property, do contact us online or call 01202 777 408.