How to Incorporate Pantones Colour of the Year 2018 into your Lifestyle

Pantone Ultra Violet 18-3838 may be a hard colour to incorporate into your interiors. However variations of the colour purple work just as well and to your taste!

1. Farrow and Ball Pelt. This is a colour I LOVE. It's rich, dark and has a lot of depth. Now we're not saying go and paint the whole of your living room in this colour - although if you're brave enough go for it!! However, a dark muted corner, or create your own wall art (like I did for my home picture below) with splashes of Pelt will slowly introduce you to the idea of 'purples'. If you have been following Pantone's trend's for the past couple of years, Pelt goes very well with the Quartz/ peachy tones and the Greenery that I imagine you, me included, still have around our homes.

FB Pelt.jpg

2. PLANTS! I'm a great lover of indoor plants that do not need much attention due to our hectic life. Purple plants; they go amazingly with the Green ones we already have in every nook and cranny around our homes, and you can also purchase purple succulents from most plant wholesalers, florists, even in haskins and b&q!

3. Here at our head office, we have incorporated purple into our office chairs. Recovering furniture you have fallen out of love with doesn't need to be expensive! Metres of fabric (we got ours from, a staple gun and some love and affection. If you're feeling daring, paint an old dresser mix it with brass handles and bobs your uncle! Here's some ottoman's we found on Pinterest incorporating the purple, quartz and rose gold.


So take the Ultra Violet with a pinch of salt, if you love it - great! If your not so keen, change for a purple you can work with it only lasts a year!